International 6 Metre North Americans Coming To Point Roberts Race Week in 2020!

In addition to hosting the Corsair Nationals, Point Roberts Race Week (13 to 17 July) is gearing up to host the spectacular International 6 Metre North Americans at the 5-day big boat event in 2020. In cooperation with the Puget Sound Six Metre Association (dba North American 6 Metre Association), yachts from Canada and the USA will include both Modern and Classic 6 Metres (designed pre-1965) racing as a single division on windward leeward courses set on the beautiful Strait of Georgia in the USA.

“We’re looking forward to a great event,” expressed Nigel Ashman, appointed liaison representing the US and Canadian Association and Championship and Pacific 6mR Yachts Inc. “Given the caliber and experience of the race management team provided at Point Roberts Race Week, we know the 6 Metre Class will be in very capable hands.”

The 6 Metres will participate in the 5-day championship and compete for the Bill Gooderham Canadian–American Trophy, awarded to the overall championship winner and the Olin J. Stephens II Trophy awarded to the highest placing Classics winner. Additionally, a new trophy (that is yet to be named), will be awarded to the highest placing ‘transitional’ Modern, defined as a boat built between January 1, 1966 and September 15, 1979 with an unmodified keel shape (and all other modifications within the rules that are allowed). “At least 6 boats will be in close competition for this,” explains Ashman, “including the recently and immaculately refurbished 1977 Doug Peterson design, Razzle Dazzle, Gary Mull’s St Francis V, St Francis VII andRanger, and Britton Chance’s Frenzy. Peter Norlin, Pelle Pettersen and Ian Howlett designs will also grace the race course with the latest in keel and winglet design.”

The International 6 Metre was first conceived as a Class at the 1907 meeting of the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU), now known as World Sailing. The International Rule, also known as the Metre Rule, was created at this time to establish consistent methods for measuring and rating to ensure fairness in racing and to encourage innovation. This same rule governs 6, 8, and 12 Metre yachts, with the 12 Metres gaining world renowned status as an America’s Cup competitor from 1958 to 1987.

The International 6 Metre was first chosen as an Olympic Class in 1908 and sailed in each Olympics until the last appearance in 1952 at Helsinki, Finland. The 6 Metre was also the boat of choice for a number of other high-profile events including the British–American Team Race Challenge, Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup, the One Ton Cup and the Bermuda Gold Cup. Due to its place on the world stage, the class has historically attracted the very best sailors to its ranks.

In recent years, the Class has seen increased participation in both the Classic and Modern divisions. In 2017, the class drew 45 boats from 11 nations to compete in the World Championships in Vancouver BC Canada.

“For this year’s North Americans in the Classic Division,” explains Ashman, “boats built prior to December 31, 1965 are expected to have a really strong local fleet that is often led by Kimo Mackey sailing the 1935 Saga, designed by Bjarne Aas, that will be exciting to watch. At least 6 other Classics, including the famous Goose, a 1938 S&S design, are also expected to attend.” Commenting about the Moderns he adds, “We expect 2 generations of boats to participate: those with cutting edge winged keels, such as Wildcat, New Sweden II and Arunga and earlier boats with standard fin keels. All boats, Classic and Modern, rate 6 metres and in certain conditions, anything can happen.”


John Abel, Event PRO, Victoria BC
World Sailing International Race Officer (IRO)
Sail Canada National Race Officer (NRO)
Race Management Master Course Conductor (RMMCC)
Club Judge (CJ)

Paul Evenden, RO, Vancouver, BC
Sail Canada National Race Officer (NRO)
Race Management Course Conductor (RMCC)
Club Judge (CJ)

Jared Hickman, Chief Judge, Seattle, WA
World Sailing certified International Judge (IJ)
US Sailing Certified National Judge (NJ)
US Sailing Certified Chief Judge (CJ)
US Sailing Certified Regional Umpire (RU)

Individually, this team has been the PROs, ROs and CJs of Charleston Race Week, Swiftsure, Van Isle 360, Melges 24 Worlds, Hobie North American Championships, BC Summer Games, Six Metre Worlds, US Team Racing Championships, US Match Race Championships, Moore 24 Nationals, San Juan 24 North Americans and many other high profile events. And collectively, they’ll be running the show at Point Roberts Race Week!


Race Week is a 5-day race event that runs Monday-Friday July 13-17, 2020 and is open to big boats 19’+ racing One Design, PHRF or ORC. With a minimum of 6 boats to comprise a fleet, two race circles will be offered that will include the new addition of course umpires. Now is a great time for fleets in the region to organize and let us know what your race preferences are so we can deliver these to you at PRRW!


Recently, I was promoted to Managing Editor of Northwest Yachtingthe largest boating publication for powerboaters, sailors and fishermen in the Pacific Northwest. And with SEA Magazine and Boating World Magazine no longer in the picture,Northwest Yachting is the largest boating magazine on the West Coast of North America. I’m thrilled to be at the helm and am looking forward sharing more fun on the waterways of our region! Cheers to 2020!  Schelleen Rathkopf




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