Dear sailor friends, dear Six Metre enthusiasts,

I have been advised last Thursday from our Executive Secretary that you elected me to the difficult task of succeeding our friend Sir Robert at the head of ISMA.

I would like to thank you warmly with this short message.

I will do my best to keep our Class what it has always been: a Development Class, driven by fierce racers motivated by a spirit of friendliness, courtesy, and sportsmanship.  I keep in mind that this election was close and I have already taken the liberty of offering Ossi to help me in the task, as Mauricio Sanchez-Bella quite rightly suggested in his message from the Spanish Fleet.

I have no doubt that the “situation” is improving, and that we can meet again in Sanxenxo in September.  We must take the lead and register our boats as soon as possible – Dix Août is already registered.  The facilities that the Spaniards are giving us must be taken into account, especially since our International championships will take place in Europe until 2023, which could decide those who come from far to leave their Six Metre there until the World Championships in Cowes.

While waiting for the AGM in September, I will do my best to bring together and re-motivate the French and Italian fleets, so that they join us as soon as possible.

To quote one of my crew: “It has been a long time since a Maharajah had been elected to head ISMA.”

I look forward to seeing you all on the water.

Until then, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.
Louis Heckly
18 May 2021

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