A New Dave Hollom Six Metre Design

By the designer of “Jean Genie” (see photo) the new, recently launched, 5.5 Metre which has won, at its first attempt, this years Alpen Cup, Scandinavian Gold Cup and the 5.5 Metre Worlds. This designer also designed the International Fourteen “Departure” the Multiple World, European, Prince Of Wales Cup (and week) winner which has also won the last three Australian Nationals and at least one North American National.  

2022 5.5 Metre Scandinavian Gold Cup, Hankø, 27-30 June

These boats were designed using a new design philosophy and concept, which has proved very successful in the design of both these and other classes of boat. The new Six Metre has been designed to this same design concept and we are very confident that it will show a similar improvement in performance. Our VPP, who’s predictions have proved extremely accurate, indicates around a one minute or 1.8% gain over a two mile windward and two mile leeward course in the mid to upper wind range. This advantage extends to all windspeeds but is considerably greater in the light and the heavy.

2022 5.5 Metre Scandinavian Gold Cup, Hankø, 27-30 June

We have one builder and possibly two others who can deliver a boat by spring 2023 in time for next years Worlds in Cowes, England, but time is short so if you want to take advantage of this advanced design technology and are serious about building a new boat to win the Worlds, please contact Dave Hollom at david.hollom@btinternet.com or call on 44(0)7785-780459 for further detailed information.

2022 5.5 Metre Scandinavian Gold Cup, Hankø, 27-30 June

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