Needed: “Nearly New” Sails for Georgia GBR99

We are putting Georgia together, for the Worlds in September, and are really struggling to find some sails that will do the boat justice and wondered if any of the modern boats out there have some “nearly new” sails that they are retiring, as they prepare for the worlds. She hasn’t been given the chance to race for a few years now, and we hope we can give her a new lease of life with a few tweaks, here and there.

If anyone have any, particularly fore and aft sails, it would be fantastic if you could let us know and we can see how it could all work.

And very conscious that we all have different size sails, our certified measurements are below: If anyone can help us out with some sails, we can look at how we can get them to fit the boat.

A:           12.46
B:           4.672
I:             9.84
J:            3.429

Thank you so much, from all of us, for looking at this and hope to hear from you soon.

The Georgia Crew
+44 7775 864875, voice and WhatsApp

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